Claiming Back Packaged Bank Account Compensation

What is a Packaged Bank Account?

Packaged bank accounts (PBA) are an all-in-one saving bundle that were, and currently still are being provided by most of the mainstream banks. They are usually branded with a posh sounding name such as Premier Account or Platinum Account. The customer pays a monthly fee and receives a range of benefits.

This could include things like:

  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Holiday insurance
  • Airport lounge access
  • Event tickets..amongst other things.

Have I got a Packaged Bank Account?

You, as well as millions of other people may not even be aware youre paying for a packaged bank account. The first thing you should do is check with your bank or look at your bank statements. If you notice that youve been paying a monthly fee, usually around £5.50 £45, then its highly likely to be a packaged bank account (PBA) which may have been mis-sold to you.

Why should I claim back my Mis-Sold Bank Account Compensation?

  • If you were mis-sold a packaged bank account then you are entitled to reclaim what’s rightfully yours. The average claim is around £800.
  • When it comes to reclaiming, you only get the one chance.
  • Successful claims are repaid to you in around 6 weeks.

How do I claim back my mis-sold packaged bank account compensation?

Below is a number of statements that you should read. If any of them sound familiar to your situation, you can make a claim.

  • My bank told me by signing up to a packaged bank account it would improve my credit score.
  • I was told that if I signed up to a packaged bank account it would improve my chances of getting a mortgage.
  • My bank did not tell me that if I wanted to make a claim, my car or phone should have been registered beforehand and therefore I was not eligible to make a claim.
  • I did not qualify for the packaged travel insurance due to my age.
  • I tried to cancel my packaged bank account fees but I was advised or forced to keep it.
  • I was misled to believe that I was receiving an exclusive deal if I signed up for the packaged account or the costs were not fully explained to me.
  • The monthly fees increased without my knowledge or agreement.
  • Your normal bank account was upgraded to a packaged bank account without your knowledge.

What next?

We offer an honest, hassle-free service with no upfront costs.

We will determine whether or not you have a successful claim. If you were mis-sold a packaged bank account then you are entitled to financial justice.